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Wischnitz, Poland: Parish Registers

Records from the Roman Catholic Parish of Wischnitz (Kreis Tost-Gleiwitz), Schlesien Germany; also called Kirschen; now Wisnicze (Gliwice), Katowice, Poland. In the diocese of Toszek, Poland.

Database copyright © 2005 Sonja Hoeke-Nishimoto, all rights reserved

Wischnitz Marriages 1766-1902

These records are sorted by the Groom’s Surname.

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Wischnitz Christenings (Births) 1801-1884

These records are sorted by the Father’s Surname.

Book 1 1801-1812  |  Book 2 1813-1831  |  Book 3 1832-1846  |  Book 4 1847-1867  |  Book 5 1868-1895

Note: Book 5 index complete only to Aug 1883 and arranged chronologically.

Surname index

See the list of bride, groom, and father surnames found in the parish records.

For additional information from these records on any of the surnames mentioned on this list, you can contact the professional genealogist who is responsible for these extractions, Sonja Nishimoto A.G., at the following address.

Sonja Hoeke-Nishimoto, A.G.
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Sonja is an Accredited Genealogist specializing in German Empire (including the former German speaking areas of Poland) and Switzerland.