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All material on this website is fully copyrighted by the originator of the material. For material created by others, FEEFHS retains copyright on the website version of this material only by virtue of adding the formatting and coding needed to publish it on the web.

FEEFHS retains a non-exclusive copyright on FEEFHS Resource pages it has created for publicizing the services and existence of other organizations, societies and associatons. This is so as to be able to publish this information in printed form within its annual FEEFHS Journal and in other ways.

Respect of Copyright Ownership of Others

It is the intent and ongoing effort of FEEFHS and the webmaster to fully respect and obey all copyright provisions of the laws of the United States of America on these web pages. By doing so, we also hope to fully respect the copyright laws of other nations worldwide.

In doing so we ask all submitters of information to this website to copyright their own intellectual property and/or obtain the written consent of other copyright owners when using material copyrighted by others. This applies beyond brief quotations under the "Fair Use" principle. We also encourage all submitters to give full credit to all their significant sources, whatever their copyright status.

On several occasions in the past, we have refused to post and publish on this website, material that appeared to come from the copyrighted work of others for which no release had been obtained. Should any material appearing here seen to be the copyright work of someone not recognized, Please contact Joe Everett, FEEFHS Outreach Director, immediately so the situation can be resolved.