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Hannover Gemeinde Index

Hannover Gemeinde

Covering Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony, called "Hannover") Braunschweig (Brunswick), Schamburg-Lippe and Oldenburg from Volume X of the Atlantic Bridge to Germany

The Atlantic Bridge to Germany, Volume X was published in 1999 by Mondo Genealoga Ligo, Salt Lake City, Utah

By Charles M. Hall and Alice Woods Schiesswohl of Salt Lake City


This is the tenth volume in this ABG series by Charles M. Hall, a linguist and professional genealogist of Salt Lake City, Utah. This book is a valuable contribution to help genealogy record searchers find a location of origin in this part of Germany for each Gemeinde and Kreis listed below.

If you know the name of a locality in the area covered an Atlantic Bridge to Germany book, you can locate it using these 1:200,000 maps, and also learn what other microfilm collections exist for it in the FHL (Family History Library) that are also available on loan for viewing at your nearest LDS FHC (Family History Center).

Omissions in this Web Version

While his database below is a faithful reproduction of the Gemeinde (village, town or city) and Kreis (county) in these German areas, as presented in this book, it has been abbreviated. Omitted parts include the map section and various columns of information. Columns not included here on this web page include "Record Types", "Years covered", and "Page and grid number".

Types of Records for Various Localities

The various types of "Other Notes" included in ABG Volume 10 (not shown here) include reference to church records (Lutheran, Evangelical Reformed, Roman Catholic, Dutch Reformed, etc. and the years available) on microfilm, history, civil records, court (Amt.) records, as well as census, directory, genealogy, heraldry, history, jewish, land, lds, military, nobility, population, probate, societies, school, tax and various other genealogy related microfilm collections.

Abbreviations used by Hall in this book include:
ev. = Evangelical Lutheran Church Records
kath. = Roman Catholic Church Records
civ. = various types of Civil Records.