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German Resources

German national flag
German national flag

Basic Information

Capital city: Berlin
Population: 83.02 million (2019)

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Ravenstein's Atlas of the German Empire
Kartenmeister (for finding places in the former German empire)
Maps of the German Empire
German Empire Dunlop Atlas, 1927/28


Mayer's Gazetteer Online
Explaining Meyer's Gazetteer Online
East Prussia Gazetteer
Prussian Gazetteer (1905) via (behind paywall)

Societies and Organizations

International German Genealogy Partnership
Germanic Genealogy Society
Die Pommerschen Leute - Die Vorfahren
Die Pommerschen Leute (German-Pomeranian Newsletter)
German Genealogy Group
Anglo-German Family History Society
Galizien German Descendants
Sacramento German Genealogy Society
Immigrant Genealogical Society (IGS)
Palatines to America
KANA: Kashubian Association of North America
East European Genealogical Society

Genealogy Links to Databases

Archion Database of German Lutheran Records
Matricula Database of Catholic Records
Germany GenWeb
HannoverGemeinde Index
Hamburg Passenger Lists
Bremen and its Passenger Records
German Military Casualties
Old Lutheran Emigration List
GIACR: German Immigrants in American Church Records
Brenner Collection of Farm Names in Middle Franconia, Bavaria
Palatine Index Guide German-Jewish Genealogical Research

How To Pages and Articles

Germany Research Outline
Handwriting Guide: German Gothic
German Letter Writing Guide
German Genealogical Word List
Former German Professions
18th Century Rhineland Emigrants
Die Ahnenstammkartei des Deutschen Volkes
Germanic Soundex for Ahnenstammkartei
The Atlantic Bridge to Germany series
BLITZ Information Center
German Settlements in Eastern Europe
Huguenot East-West Migration
St. Martin Church of Hohnhorst, Schaumburg
Mecklenburg Surnames in Selected Sources
History of Alsace and Lorraine
The Most Common German Surnames
A Collection of Various (mostly) Historical Articles on TOTA
German Genealogical Digest

Other Information of Interest

Geonames database CIA World Factbook
BBC Country Profile German Radio and TV | Radio und TV
Studying in Germany German Student Visa Requirements
German Health Insurance for Students Get a Master's Degree in Germany
How To: Double Citizenship Germany / USA Citizenship Services U.S. Embassy in Germany

Flags courtesy of Flags of All Countries used with permission.