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Dorottya Szabó

Dorottya Szabó
Job Title
Archivist, Curator, Writer

My name is Dorottya {Doro} Szabó, I'm a senior archivist and founder of Bóbita Családfa - in English: Dandelion Genealogy. I have a Master's Degree in History and Literature & Linguistics from the Peter Pazmany Catholic University and speak English, German and read Latin.

As a senior archivist of the National Archives of Hungary, I worked with original records as well as with digitized archival material and online databases. I have had the privilege of participating in national and international projects related to the archival world and genealogy, as an archivist, curator, writer or professional leader.

In family history research I always try to turn dry data into imaginable, flesh-and­ blood ancestors, using varieties of databases as well as archival and library sources.

I'm married and live with my husband and son (and a turtle) in the Hungarian Capital, Budapest.

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