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Wandering Volhynians Index

By Jerry Frank

Covers all editions of the Wandering Volhynians through September, 1996


Articles of a nature current to time of publication such as reports of upcoming conventions, reunions, etc. are not included in this list.

In addition to the articles shown, each edition contains a "Readers Write" column which carries specific search requests, ahnentafels, etc.

Note that mention of MORAVIANS in this list is reference to adherents of the Moravian Brethren faith, not descendants of people from Moravia.

Some articles are translations of German articles. For most of these, reference is made to the original author rather than the translator. Appropriate credit is always provided in the original Wandering Volhynian to both author and translator.

Each article that follows is referenced to the Volume and issue Number (e.g. 8-1) in which it appears followed by the date of the issue. Some articles shown fit more than one topical category and may therefore appear more than once in the index.

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The Index

To make it easier for you to download or print the index, we have split it into four sections.

Section I:
Anecdotes & Personal Stories
Book & Article Reports
Cemetery Lists
Church Records
Contacts, Research in East Europe and North America

Section II:
Convention & Local Meeting Reports
Culture - Food, Recreation, etc.
Current News, Germans in the USSR
Family Queries
Germans in Other Places
History, Churches and Villages in Europe
History, General European

Section III:
History, Migration Patterns
History, General North America
Name Lists, Special

Section IV:
Obituaries, Current
Passenger Lists
Photographs and Artwork
Place Names, European
Research Oddities and Problems
Surname Exchange
Trips, Research and Visits