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Class Descriptions, Brian B. Schellenberg

Following are the class descriptions for classes taught by Brian B. Schellenberg.


Confession Time: Religion in Austria-Hungary

The various lands of the Austro-Hungarian Empire were not just diverse ethnically and linguistically, but also in matters of religion. Tradition, politics, and personal preference led our ancestors to various places of worship to save their souls and record their vital events. In this presentation, I will present an overview of the various religions found in the empire and then where, when, and why our ancestors may have belonged to these religions.


Vocabulary to Impress Your Friends: The Effects of Josephinismus

Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II (ruled 1765-1790) was one of the three great enlightened despots of the 18th century (Who were the other two? Tune in to find out!), and the philosophy of his rule, later known as “Josephinismus,” had major effects on politics, religion, art, and (you guessed it) genealogy. You have likely seen these effects without really knowing it, and this class will help you understand and anticipate these effects to make your research more efficient and colorful.


An Édes By Any Other Name Would Smell as Süß: Deciphering Names in Austria-Hungary

When does Albert become Béla? Was Martinus really the son of a man named Martini? Why do so many places Kiss- and why isn’t that Gross-? In this class, we will discuss personal names and placenames as they are affected by the various vernacular and ecclesiastical languages of the empire. This will lead us to discussing those little pet peeves of grammar and translation that make the creation of a clean family tree so doggone difficult.