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Class Descriptions, Milan Pohontsch

Following are the class descriptions for classes taught by Milan Pohontsch.


German Marriage Laws and Customs

In the various areas of Germany were different permissions required for marriage. Some permissions needed to be received from the ruling authorities, others from the church. Also, various customs dictated different ways marriages were celebrated. The class will introduce some of these requirements and customs.


Understanding the Past

The class will introduce German naming patterns, social standing, the guilds, currencies, and tax laws, that existed in what became Germany. This will give you an understanding about the circumstances your ancestors lived in and the regulations they were subjected to.


Bring your own German documents and let's decipher them

Bring your own records written in the archaic German handwriting (or print) and let's decipher together what is in it. The classroom will be open to anyone, and attendees can join and leave at any time.