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Class Descriptions, Daniel Horowitz

Following are the class descriptions for classes taught by Daniel Horowitz.


How to Find Your Jewish Ancestors

There is a wealth of genealogical information available on the internet for people with Jewish heritage. In this session, you will learn how to search efficiently in various databases — both Jewish (e.g. JewishGen, GesherGalicia, JRI-Poland, and societies such as IGRA and IGS) and general (e.g. FamilySearch, Ancestry, and MyHeritage) — to find information about your Jewish ancestors. [paragraph break] Whether you know you have Jewish ancestors, suspect you have Jewish ancestors, or simply want your daughter to marry a nice Jewish doctor, you won’t want to miss this informative lecture that will make some order in the chaos of Jewish family history.


Billions and Billions of Records from Europe on MyHeritage, Oh My!

With billions of records at your disposal, where do you even begin? The MyHeritage Search Engine is a state-of-the-art tool that can help you search for information about your relatives online. In a matter of seconds, it can search across billions of historical records to pinpoint the ones most relevant to your research. Its advanced algorithms can identify spelling and phonetic variations, understand nicknames, and handle synonyms and ethnic variations. Daniel will show you how to use the MyHeritage Search Engine to find information about your relatives quickly and efficiently.


Planting a Family Tree Online on MyHeritage (workshop)

Building a family tree online has a number of unique advantages, and one of them is that you can take advantage of the unique features of the platform you’re using. In this session, Daniel will introduce you to the MyHeritage platform and give you an overview of its features, showing you how you can grow your tree quickly and efficiently thanks to MyHeritage’s advanced technologies. You’ll learn the basics of building a family tree online: how to create family member profiles, fill in details, and discover new information and family members to add to your tree.