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Class Descriptions, Annette Adams

Following are the class descriptions for classes taught by Annette Adams.


Austro-Hungarian Research - Maps, Gazetteers, and more!

This course will provide a typical Austro-Hungarian research problem that starts with not understanding an entry, i.e. changing ethnicity in US census records, and having a place name that doesn’t seem to make sense on a US naturalization record. The course will introduce Austria Familia, Genteam, and Mapire, among others, to help identify place names. This class is meant to be an overview, and will provide other resources, such as FamilySearch video tutorials, and the FamilySearch Research Austro-Hungarian Research wiki.


Discover your Danube Swabian ancestors in the Austro-Hungarian Empire

A basic historic overview will be presented and historical maps and gazetteers will be mentioned. An in-depth look at Austria Familia will be provided, as well as other genealogical society online resources. The emphasis will be placed on the five major settlement areas, Banat, Batschka, Swabian Turkey, Slavonia and Syrmia, and Budapest, and how record collections and books may be found in the FamilySearch catalog on the topic of Donau Swabians in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This class is meant to be an introduction. [paragraph break] Sites introduced:,, AKdFF.e.V.


From Vienna to France, with letters of Love

Different record types yield different information, and knowing where to look for resources to identify and determine familial relationships will teach class participants methodology tactics in addressing how to find answers concerning record collections, transcription helps and translation, FamilySearch, Jewish records, Genteam, Hungary, and archiving familial documents.